The ultimate thing that would set the soul free is death. Although the tone of the Day of the Dead clothing is serious, yet it is associated with vibrant colors and lively moments.  

Día de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead is particularly a Mexican festival celebrated from October 30 to November 2. However, Latin Americans living in the United States and Canada also celebrate it with zeal and zest. After all, the day is celebrated to honor the departed souls of the family.

Is the day of dead similar to Halloween?

As serious as it seems the Day of Dead is not celebrated to scare anyone. Although Halloween and the Day of Dead look the same, they have a totally different essence.

The celebration includes people turning themselves into skeletons using elaborate makeup and masks. The skeletons are then highlighted with flowers, bright colors and traditional designs. Overall the Day of the Dead clothing is vibrant. The skull makeup and carnivalesque atmosphere represent death as a natural cycle of human life.

beautifully painted skulls for the day of the day

The day of the dead is a celebration of life, not death

The charmingly cultivated atmosphere of the celebration encourages positive spirits. Thus this tradition is too close to the hearts of Mexicans. They dance in order to honor the soul’s rest. It is the way to show that death never lessens the love we have for the deceased family members. It is the celebration of spirituality and life.

Interestingly, they don’t just celebrate the souls who passed away recently, but the souls who have passed away about 3000 years ago as well.  It is not a day of mourning or sadness but it is a festivity of living. The Day of the Dead recognizes death as a natural process which everyone is going to experience.

Often we believe that death is the end of life. However, Mexicans believe that death is just a part of life cycle and it never keeps us apart. People believe that on this day spirits awake and come back to celebrate the day with their friends and family members.

The event is literally celebrated in the graveyard

During the days of celebration of the dead, each family visits the graveyard and cleans debris. They decorate the graves of their loved ones with flowers and candles.   The favorite food of the deceased person is placed on the grave.  They also decorate their house with colorful Day of The Dead decors. The family visits, eats, sings and share stories about the deceased person.

Graveyard is decorated with flowers and candles for the day of the dead

Day of the dead clothing and food

On this day friends and family members of deceased people gather to pray for them. The Day of the Dead party food includes traditional sugar skulls, the bread of death and other favorite food items. Outfits are usually beautifully decorated with enchanting colors. People wear skull makeup and spend their nights at the graveyard. Graveyards are also decorated with flowers and candles. 

The Day of the Dead traditional clothing

Traditionally, each item of Day of the Dead clothing has a unique essence. Skulls are a representation that death is a natural process. It does not only represent death but also rebirth. 

People wear traditional skull mask and paint their faces with lively colors. The sugar skull makeup, with a lot of glitter and colorful designs, is a major part of an outfit for this event.

Each dress contrasts with vibrant colors which symbolize natural elements.  Yellow is a representation of the sun, which means that we all are the same under the sun. White color represents purity and is a sign of spirit. Pink signifies joy and happiness. Red represents blood – the sign of life. Whereas purple shows mourn by the loved ones, which is understandable.

How to choose Day of the Dead dresses?

Day of the death outfits includes colorful catrina like dresses. Women prefer a cute Mexican blouse or a colorful maxi dress. They wear a cute simple flower headdress or a big fancy flower hat. Guys can wear a funky 50’s style dress and a nice trilby hat that goes with their outfit, and of course with their couple.

The vibrant color of the day of the dead clothes

Other items include flashy necklace and accessories like feathery and traditional earrings. You will have to walk a lot around the graveyard, so wearing some comfortable shoe and avoiding heels will be a good idea.

Mexican girl with artistically painted face who wears amazing day of the dead dress

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However, if you still want to wear comfortable casual clothes with Day of The Dead inspired designs,  you can mix and match unique outfits with sugar skull dresses, sugar skull shoes and Mexican pride hoodies

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Get the perfect designed clothing and cherish every moment!

How does it feel like to have a perfectly designed outfit for a special celebration like this? Really exciting, yeah? They are artistically designed to give an essence of the day to the onlooker. Cherish every moment and enjoy the essence of the Day of the Dead.

Make sure you look good and feel good, as you meet the spirits of the loved ones during this celebration. Did you know the fragrance of the marigold is believed to help spirits back to their homes and families?


Death is a mere continuation of the human life cycle. A departed soul never leaves the earth in the true sense. Although the Day of the Dead is continuously evolving, the fundamentals of honoring the deceased have remained the same.

Make sure you cherish every moment with your loved one and enjoy the celebration at the fullest.