Finally, the long-awaited time is here, your tickets are ready and you want to stand out the crowd but what to wear to a burlesque show?

The burlesque show is glamorous, flirty and sexy and it is important that you look the same.

Burlesque originates from vintage culture, therefore make sure you choose the vintage style items for your dressing, but if you don’t find your favorite vintage style dress you can choose a modern one. Make sure you choose it carefully.

What is a burlesque show?

A burlesque show is all about musical, dramatic and literary work. Its intention is to create fun and laughter. The word burlesque originates from Italian which means to mock, ridicule or joke.

Make sure your outfit is in coherence with the theme of the show.

What to wear to a burlesque show to look perfect

You can choose a t-shirt, pencil skirt or a pinup styled dress for the Burlesque show. The history of the pinup style dresses dates back to the Second World War. If you want to get dressed up in an iconic style choose it either with a bodycon or an A-line cut. Both of these choices are safe. You can choose wearing it with sheer pantyhose or bare legs. Make sure you choose your favorite high-heels or your comfortable pair of pumps.

What to wear to a burlesque show and add some spice

You can add some spice to the usual burlesque outfit by choosing some fetish themes in your dress. You can get an amazing outfit using a feathered dress, and classic corsets along with the platform shoes. Choose any of the items among the lycra, feather, lace or leather collections and look amazing at the show.

Apart from this, there are several outfits available in the market, read further to find out how you can choose your favorite outfit for the show. These dresses are available at various online and offline stores, you can choose the best outfit at an affordable price.

Choosing Rock-ability style

If you want to try a little bit edgier dress, try out rockability style. The rockability style has emerged from pinup. Rockability style has so much similar to the pinup style, including its clothing cuts, colors which includes some sturdiness to it.

Secondly, so much of the rockability outfit takes inspiration from rock music. If you are a tattoo lover, it is a perfect opportunity to show off your tattoos at the burlesque show. Wearing a band tee is also a good option.

A pencil skirt will look perfect along with a leather jacket and a pair of skinny jeans. This will look like a casual look of rockability.

The 1920’s burlesque style dress

Choosing a '20s dress for the burlesque show

The showgirl style of the ’20s was all about glam. Girls preferred an even shorter dress than ever in the past. Glitzy accessories were considered one of the important parts of the dress and waistline was looser than ever before.

If you choose a fringed dress with arm warmers you will look like Anita Page or Gloria Swanson who standout the crowd with their luminous dresses.

Apart from the fringed dress, menswear was quite popular in the ’20s. If you are not really feeling wearing a very girly outfit, try out the tweed jacket and some trousers, and you will stand out among the crowd.

If you want to get dressed up formally, you can choose high heels along with the corset style dress. The corset is one of the popular outfits for the burlesque show, and gain recognition over the years. You can also choose wearing boots with your outfit. Feel free to add some extra style to have a vintage look over the corset. A bright-colored corset along with the stylish makeup with help you have a night out vibe.

choose a corset to wear at the burlesque show

Choosing Gown Never Go Out of Fashion

A red colored modern gown will be a great choice if you wish to look more elegant at the first burlesque show. A Hollywood gown with some vintage style will rock and it will help you stand out the crowd. Keeping your makeup and accessories simple is recommended. Tie your hair up, so that it does not look too messy. Consider having a scarf as theaters are bit chilly often.

Comic Sexy Dress

Comic sexy dress never goes out of fashion. They are unique and are comfortable to wear. If you are independent smart women try choosing a comic sexy dress. The dress takes inspiration from the traditional clothing, and uniform of the 1960’s club. Customized dresses are available at a variety of stories, you can choose either a single colored comic dress or a combination of three or more colors.

Giving a Historical Twist

Shine out your feminity at the burlesque show with the unique ’40s and 50’s wobble dresses that can help you look unique. You can choose to give a historical twist by choosing a pair of pasties. This will help you have a Victorian look from the 18th century. The curves, long gloves feathers, and high heels can give you an ultimate Burlesque feeling.


The burlesque show gives you a perfect chance to wear your magnificent dress. Whether you choose stylish in the modern way or a unique vintage one, show your feminine curves, look fabulous and have fun. Make sure you keep the accessories at a minimum level; however it can vary depending upon your personality. You can either choose to be a little more playful or look innocent – it depends upon you.

Most importantly, have fun because at the burlesque show it is all about having one particularly if it is your first burlesque show. Never hesitate to choose your own outfit for the show, because you are unique and so is your style.

What are planning to wear for your first burlesque show? Let us know in the comments below.