Often women get confused about what to wear under a short dress? Most of the women love looking stylish, and graceful but there are so many issues come. Sometimes you don’t get the perfect color you wish to have and another time you don’t get a perfect size. Some dresses may not fit in properly, and others are too short to wear.

What to wear under a short dress to look elegant?

Stop being confused over what to wear under a dress that's too short. If the favorite short dress in your wardrobe, it is right time to take it out.  Don’t let your short dress go wasted. You can complete your outfit with a variety of choices available. So many brands online can help you get this issue fixed, all you need to do is to conduct a little research.

Whether it is freezing outside or it is the perfect weather you can wear any of your favorite super short skirts and still look elegant. Today we are going to show you how you can help yourself look awesome, elegant and chic even if you wear the shortest dress out of your wardrobe.

What to wear under a short dress for a party?

Like all other dresses, a mini skirt is one of the best choices among young women particularly if they are planning to attend a friend’s birthday party. If you are planning to get dressed up in your mini skirt or any other short dress but if it is too short it is pretty hard to feel comfortable every time. Don’t worry, we have the perfect suggestion for you.  You can either choose layering, shorts, or bodysuits along with the short dress. Whether you have super short skirts or any other short dress choosing to right items is essential.

Mini skirt is women's favorite choice

Layering is a good option to wear under a short dress

First in our list comes layering.  Layering can help you look modest and it will help you elevate your look. When wearing a sexy short skirt is uncomfortable try layering – an ingenious way to beautify your look. Wearing a lacey dress can help you a lot.

It will work perfect if you have been wondering to wear your favorite dress without actually wearing anything underneath it. When you pair layering with your favorite sunglasses and the sandals, you will stand out at a casual dinner or the party.


Black colored leggings look always amazing with the short dress

Often known as the cousin of tights and pants, leggings are the most versatile clothing items in your wardrobe. The best thing about leggings is you can wear them comfortably with any sort of skirt. Leggings are a perfect choice particularly if your skirt is short.  They steer clear getting embarrassed in the party or any other event you are attending. Leggings come in a variety of styles which looks perfect with any sort of short skirts. 

Even though so many of the outfits fade away over time, but leggings are always here to stay. If you want to have a perfect look every time, you can get a pair of black colored leggings and it is all sorted. Capri leggings will provide you an additional layer of interest with your favorite outfit. It will look perfect on you if you pair with a solid-colored loose skirt.


Of course, the biggest worry about getting dressed up in a short skirt is flashing everybody at the party. Shorts are a good option to wear under dresses. There is always this feeling of hesitation, even if you have worn the diffident underwear. In order to avoid it many of the girls choose bike shorts.

what to wear under a short dress, consider wearing shorts

When choosing shorts with the short skirt make sure the tights are an inch or so shorter than the skirt so that they don’t look awkward at any time. Also, the color of the shorts should match that of a skirt; otherwise it will look quite weird. Choose a nice and fit shape for your shorts, so that it looks nice when visible through the skirt.


Bodysuits are often a nice choice if you want to have your top tucked in without really worry about shifting and moving other clothing items.  It is used for both fashion reasons and practical reasons. It gives a perfect and seamless look.

No matter how short is your dress, if you have already worn a body suit it will look perfect and you will be more relaxed. Wearing a body suit will always be helpful if you are still wondering what to wear under a short dress. The bodysuit will help you have created long lines. It will save you from flashing at the party.  One more reason for wearing a bodysuit is to look attractive and sometimes to have personal pleasure. Once you wear your bodysuit, you don’t need to worry about anything, everything that you wear is in place.


How to wear short dresses is always a hot topic among women. Wearing high heels may help you stand out among the crowd. However, when your dress is too short then you cannot afford to wear heels.  If you wear heels, your dress will look shorter than the actual size and it will not look good. So it is always easy to choose flats when your dress is too short.

Flats look elegant with short dress

Flats are recommended particularly if you are wearing a short skirt. They will help you reduce the publicity of the hemline. When choosing flats, make sure you keep in mind the overall structure of your skirt. Lean towards a closed-toe flat if your skirt is pretty nice. An addition of the embellishment will look perfect on it. Pairing your casual short skirt with a pair of sneakers will be a good choice.


If you are wearing something for fun, it is important that you do not have to feel embarrassed at any time. Make sure you are feeling relaxed and everything you wear is in its perfect position. With the pleasant breezy days and everyday temperature that is getting cool, do not let anyone flash you.